The Board of Fire Commissioners is a five-member government who manages the Greenfield Fire District. Below you will find a picture of each Greenfield Fire District Commissioner and a brief description of their roles on the Board. You can learn more about what a Fire Commissioner’s duties are in the duties section. Additional questions regarding the Greenfield Fire District Commissioners may be forwarded via the contact section.

Michael Chandler, Chairman

Mike joined the Porter Corners fire company in 1997. He served as Lieutenant, Captain and Assistant Chief, as well as a

member of Porter Corners Board of Directors before being elected to a five year term as Commissioner in December 2010.  Mike is also an EMT.

Mike is a lifelong resident of the Town of Greenfield and a graduate of Saratoga Springs High School.  He has worked in the construction field for over 30 years and is currently a superintendent for a local construction company.  Mike has also run M.D. Chandler Trucking for over 15 years.

Mike took over the duties as Chairman of the Board of Fire Commissioners from February 2015 through December 2016, is currently the Commissioner in charge of EMS, and oversees fire prevention and uniforms.

Mike truly enjoys being a volunteer firefighter and EMT, and when time allows, he likes to hunt as well.

You can contact Commissioner Chandler via email at [javascript protected email address].




Jack Sadousky, Vice Chairman

If you would like to contact Commissioner Sadousky, you can leave a message at the District Office

or email him at [javascript protected email address].





Scott Dussault

If you would like to contact Commissioner Dussault, you can leave a message at the District Office or email him at [javascript protected email address].




John “Jack” King

Jack is a resident of Greenfield Center and a retired Lieutenant of the Saratoga Springs Police Department.  He is also a former NYS Division of Criminal Justice adjunct instructor and former member of the Saratoga

Springs Planning Board.  Jack has been a member of the Fire District for 26 years, and has held all company firematic officer positions at Middle Grove Co #3 firehouse, including 1st Assistant Chief.  He is currently the Company Treasurer and a Safety Officer.  Jack is former member of the NYS Office of Fire Prevention & Control adjunct instructor as well as a former member of the Saratoga County Fire Advisory Board.

You can contact Commissioner King at the District Office or email him at [javascript protected email address].



George Miller

George  is a resident of Middle Grove, and enjoying retirement from retail management.  He is member of Middle Grove Co #3 where he is currently serving as Company President.  He likes to be on the water, ride his bike and hike, as well as attempting to grow grass in his yard.  He is a cancer survivor, and encourages everyone to go to and enroll.  You might save a life!

If you would like to contact Commissioner Miller, you can leave a message at the District Office or email him at [javascript protected email address].


District Chief

Jay Ellsworth

Jay Ellsworth joined the Greenfield Fire District in 1975 as a junior member, and has been a Chief Officer since 2006.

Chief Ellsworth can be contacted via email at [javascript protected email address], or you can leave a message for him at 518-893-0723





Fire District Staff

Joyce Petkus, District Administrator/Treasurer

Joyce-Petkus-smallJoyce was appointed District Secretary of the fire district in the Fall of 2005, and her responsibilities have evolved greatly since then.

In 2014, her title was changed to District Administrator to more accurately reflect her continuously changing responsibilities.

Joyce’s primary responsibilities include the following:

  1. serves as the fire district Records Management Officer (RMO).
  2. receives and processes all FOIL (Freedom of Information Requests),
  3. attends and takes notes at all meetings of the Board of Fire Commissioners,
  4. handles most correspondence regarding district functions, including publishing of legal ads, annual/special elections, public hearing notices,
  5. Oversees the District LOSAP program,
  6. Manages day to day operations of the fire district.

In October 2014 Joyce took on the additional responsibility as Treasurer for the fire district, with duties that include:

  1. being the fiscal officer of the fire district,
  2. receive and have the custody of the funds of the district,
  3. responsible for payment of salaries, compensation & benefits of district employees, as well as payment and form filings of Federal and State employment taxes,
  4. pay the principal of or interest on obligations issued by the fire district,
  5. additionally manage and track all monies of the fire district,
  6. oversee the State mandated annual District audit.
  7. actively participates in the annual budget process.

Joyce holds a Bachelor’s degree from Hofstra University in Business Management and has over fifteen years of office managerial experience as well as ten years of experience in the Medical Transcription field.

Joyce can be contacted at the District Office or via email at [javascript protected email address] or [javascript protected email address].


Jill Chouinard, Director of Purchasing

Jill worked for the district part-time for 5 years from 2005-2010, then was appointed as the Director of Purchasing for the fire district as a full-time employee in February of 2012.  Jill also serves as the District Photographer.

As the Director of Purchasing, Jill’s duties include:

  1. make all purchases and all contracts for supplies, materials and equipment of every nature for the fire district within budgetary confines,
  2. coordinate all expenditures with officers of the fire district,
  3. manage and maintain district inventory of supplies, materials and equipment,sale of equipment, FIT testing and numerous other duties as assigned.
  4. Act as Deputy District Secretary in the absence of the District Administrator
  5. Handles Social Media as well as helps maintain the district website
  6. All district photography

Jill attended Empire State College and SCCC, and has over twenty nine years of purchasing experience in local industry including Curtis Lumber and State Farm insurance in Malta. Jill is a firefighter at Greenfield Fire Company #1, has 2 daughters, and her husband Bryan is currently Deputy Chief of Greenfield Center fire company #1.

You can contact Jill at the District Office, or via email at [javascript protected email address].

Don Ranck, Station Keeper

Don can be contacted at at [javascript protected email address].

Deidre Chandler, Operations Secretary

Deidre can be contacted at the District Office or via email at [javascript protected email address].