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Porter Corners Fire Company #2

The Porter Corners Fire Department covers the northern portion of the Town of Greenfield.

For a more detailed description of what areas are served directly by the Porter Corners Fire Department, visit the district map page.

The Porter Corners Fire Department has three pieces of equipment and specialty rescue equipment that serve our community. You can view pictures of the firehouse and find out more about these trucks by visiting the facilities and apparatus page.

Find out the names of the members and officers who volunteer to accept the privalege of serving you. The officers are listed on the officers page and members are listed on the membership page.

The Porter Corners Fire Department hosts a variety of events throughout the year. You can view photos of these events on the company photo page.

Additional questions regarding the department can be forwarded via our contact page.

maple ave

Porter Corners Fire Department

(Company #2)

P.O. Box 41
405 Bockes Road
Porter Corners, NY 12859

The Porter Corners Fire Department has responded to 118 emergencies in 2016.